WTF…why the fender?

27 01 2012

There’s a thread going on right now over on Vintage BMX discussing the pros and cons on installing rear fenders on race cruisers.

Yes my friends….fenders.

Turns out GHP racer Todd Parry is running a carbon fiber (?!) fender on his race cruiser to avoid “being sucked in between the tire and the seat”.

And while the different sanctioning bodies tend to frown on these kind of things, it appears that track operators are letting the use of fenders slide.

Seems a little goofy to me.

What do you guys think?




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27 01 2012

i dunno… the occasional butt-buzzer let’s me know i’ve maxed out my crouch.

but then again i’ve never been sucked into the wheel- to each his own.

27 01 2012


27 01 2012

I think you have to run a slammed seat for major carnage.I had my nuts sucked in on a 26 dj with a slammed seat but never had a problem with a 24.But I did have a fender on my Redline cruiser when I lived in New Orleans just because it rained every day.

27 01 2012

I think they look seriously silly, but if they help that rider ride better who am I to laugh?

29 01 2012

Should add a bell and some grip palm palms. Maybe a banana seat would do the trick.

30 01 2012

Don’t forget the basket for the can collector moto.

30 01 2012

No seriously. This is the lamest thing I have seen in BMX since Brian Scura’s magic shows.

30 01 2012

“The lamest thing I have seen in BMX since Brian Scura’s magic shows.” Ha ha…I’m totally stealing that line…once I stop laughing, of course.

10 02 2012

Fenders serve a purpose if its wet sure, but they tend not to look good.

15 02 2012
Morley krupt

omg what a bunch of posers, “I’m so worried about how I look!!!”

22 02 2012

Dont laugh. I remember around 1989 1990 dudes in the nbl were def riding bananna seats. It was kind of a joke but they were riding them at nationals. To each his own

22 02 2012

I need photo evidence of this!

3 12 2013

I’ve gotten sucked into my cruiser a few times. Thought I ripped my sack open one time.

3 12 2013

i’m more interested in why he’s running a sprocket guard…

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