The battle for #1 cruiser could be epic

24 11 2012

Six riders from the 41-45 cruiser class have a shot at the #1 cruiser title in this weekend’s USA BMX Grand Nationals.

According to USA BMX, this is the first time in ABA/USA BMX history (35 years!) that this has happened.  Now that Shawn Diprete (Answer~Rennen) and Shan Hatfield (SE Racing) have turned 41, six out of six of those riders sitting in the Top 10 in points will be racing 41-45 Cruiser in Tulsa.

FBN-Hyper’s Tommy “2×4” Board is currently on top of the points board.

Trevor Brown of Factory Yess sits only 2 points behind. Could Brown pull an upset and bring the title home to Canada? It’s anybody’s guess right now.

One wild card is  Todd Parry, a usually strong contender. Some people are saying that he’s not going to be in the mix this year.

And Archibald, DiPrete and Hatfield are not just going to roll over either. These guys will fight to the finish.

Of course, this is BMX racing and when the gate drops, anything can happen.

Will some of the contenders get taken out before the mains?

Or will we see all the contenders make it through for the ultimate showdown in the final?

Whatever happens, it should be good!

WTF…why the fender?

27 01 2012

There’s a thread going on right now over on Vintage BMX discussing the pros and cons on installing rear fenders on race cruisers.

Yes my friends….fenders.

Turns out GHP racer Todd Parry is running a carbon fiber (?!) fender on his race cruiser to avoid “being sucked in between the tire and the seat”.

And while the different sanctioning bodies tend to frown on these kind of things, it appears that track operators are letting the use of fenders slide.

Seems a little goofy to me.

What do you guys think?