Tested: Immortis Bucket Bars

8 11 2011

I received a pair of Immortis Bike Company’s 4-piece Bucket Bars a while back and for a variety of reasons wasn’t able to ride them right away.

When I finally got them on my bike to give them a test drive, I was pretty stoked. These are some cool looking handlebars!  From the distinctive 4-piece design to the heavy metal looking font on the cross-bar sticker, they have a look all their own.

Immortis Bucket Bars have a distinctive 4-piece design

In fact, right after installing them I asked my girlfriend, “How do they look?”  She glanced over and simply said, “Metal”. (She may have even flashed the horns at that point…).  They do kind of remind me a Flying V guitar for some reason so maybe she’s on to something.

I took them out for a spin and immediately noticed the flatter sweep to the bars in comparison to other bars I’ve ridden lately.  It took a few minutes to get used to but after a few minutes I didn’t notice it all.

Out on the trails

A couple days later, I took them out for a session at the Don Valley trails. The bars come stock at a cut-to-fit width of 32″. I typically run 28″ wide bars so I cut them down to that width to better compare them with other bars I’ve tried.

The bars felt great.  They had a solid feel and were easy to get used to. It didn’t take long before I was carving turns at high speed and hitting all my favorite lines in the jumps and rollers.

Slicing through a high-speed turn was a cinch with the Bucket Bars

If you’re looking for high-quality, cool looking bars that are made in the USA…these are definitely handlebars that you should check out.

Technical specs:

  • Rise: 6″
  • Backsweep 10 degrees
  • Upsweep: 2.5 degrees
  • Material:  Cro-mo

(4″ and 8″ rise versions are also available.)

For more on information on Immortis and their line of handlebars, check out their website at www.immortisbmx.com.

Special thanks to Michael Moran for shooting the photos.




11 responses

8 11 2011

I’m a big fan of the bucket bars. I used them on my cruiser before I sold it to fund more bike escapades, and they were fantastic. Although, they were a bit on the heavy side. Weight is not a problem in my book, so I didn’t mind.

8 11 2011
David Monroe

Does anyone have a good guideline for picking bar height? I have 5.75″ rise bars and I’m starting to think they aren’t tall enough, I think I’m hunched over to far on my cruiser and it affects my top speed. I’ll seriously consider these bucket bars, I intend to start racing soon any any pointers on bar height would be great.

8 11 2011

Buy and try David. Depending on your build, frame geometry and style of riding it’s anybody’s guess, but generally taller bars work out just fine for most adults (less fatigue and easier doing manual’s etc.) on my 24 I use 8″ rise 28″ width and my 26 I use 7″ rise 26″ width my other 26 uses 8″ rise and 32″ width all of which I feel at home with.

9 11 2011
David Monroe

I found a sizing chart on DansComp that says 8″+ for my height, most of that stuffs geared towards 20″ BMX’s but I’ll use the “+” as cushion and start at 8 which seems about right anyways. The nice thing is my 26″ Traildigger has factory bars right now and they’re a bit low so I can move my 5.75’s over to it, that should be an instant improvement.

8 11 2011

In the picture above, are these bars cut to the 28″ you prefer or are they the 32″ stock size?

8 11 2011

Cut down to 28″ (in both pics)

15 11 2011
scooter 916

awesome bars, i jus put a pair on my big ripper, cut them to 28″, n i have alot more control in the air compared to the stock 7″ rise…..

23 11 2011

Don’t forget about the 4″ rise bucket bars as well. . . . They go great on a 26″ MTBMX.

I agree about the flatness. Seth at Immortis made me a custom pair of 4″ Buckets with more upsweep.

20 08 2012

Are these still available? The Immortis website has broken links to parts/ordering.

20 08 2012

nevermind. user error. 😉

18 01 2013

i’m running the 4 inch faust bars on my 26er… they ride great and i adjusted to the flatter sweep without issue. my only complaint is they measured 33 inches wide… but one side was almost an inch longer than the other! so it took some very careful measuring to get them “centered” before cutting them down. not a big deal to me (a fun way to spend some time in the shop) but just a head’s up for those considering purchase.

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