Would Cru make the same choice today?

10 08 2011

In a key plot point in the movie Rad, Cru Jones makes the life-changing decision to postpone taking his SATs to take part in the big race at Helltrack. He does it because he thinks he’s got a chance at winning against all the “factory hot shots”.

Did he make the right choice?

It seemed like the right idea at the time. Factory BMX racers seemed to have it all back in the 80s. Driving Porsches, international travel, BMX Action magazine covers…you name it. They were living the high life.

Winning the big race would be Cru’s ticket to living the dream.

But today? I’m not so sure skipping the SATs would’ve been the right choice.

Check out the check that Denzel Stein, Redline factory hotshot, is holding for a recent win…$1400.

Compare this with the check that Team Kachinsky (Brian Kachinsky, Corey Martinez, Sean Sexton and Will Stroud) is holding after a win at the recent Nike 6.0 contest…$14,000. (Sure it’s split 4 ways…but c’mon that’s a much sweeter payday.)

Today, he probably would’ve been wise to skip the race altogether and focus on perfecting his bicycle boogie skills.




4 responses

10 08 2011

C’mon, we all know Hell Track was too extreme for Denzel Stein. He wouldn’t have made it past Rod or Rex, let alone Cru.

10 08 2011

With the economy as smashed as it is today, I think He should skip the sat tests too and become a reality TV contestant LOL!

10 08 2011

Corporate America follows eyeballs. The X Games and the Dew Tour have made freestyle (or whatever they call it today) far more lucrative than BMX racing. Similar to soccer versus baseball, football and basketball – racing just does not have the outlets to the masses that would draw the big checks. Not that 14K split three ways for trying to kill yourself doing a double back flip, triple tail whip, bar spin nose pick is big money.

11 08 2011

while not nearly as exciting… the easy money’s in the world poker tour.

seriously, i agree with steve, the big air guys need to be paid more for the work they do.

racing is just not mainstream enough to command big money right now… we need a break out star with cross-over appeal. the smart ones, like greg romero and J-Rich, paid attention in school and now make their money elsewhere.

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