Turning things up with a turndown

12 11 2010

Hot damn!

Kory Drake with a clicked turndown.

Just a little inspiration for y’all as we head into the weekend.

Photo: Shelby Gibbs

For more info on Kory and how he sets up his ride, a Liquid 24″ , check out Liquid Bikes (where this photo ran first).




3 responses

12 11 2010

Good way to start the weekend! Can’t imagine brakeless, but it makes for a sleek setup!

13 11 2010

Those Liquid frames are dope I saw one at the 4130 SSR raffles. Wish I wasn’t so goddamn tall!

14 11 2010

Well I’m 6’5 and I would say it’s not that bad. Much better than my previous 20″. The BB is proportionally lower, and at 22,25″ tt (even if the “rake” makes the effective tt shorter than that), it’s sure enough more roomy in the front. It’s the biggest bmx or mtbmx I could find…that being said, I wish I wasn’t so tall when riding haha (I kinda like it when playing basketball though 😉 )

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