Ben Snowden hits the vert ramp on a 24

20 04 2010

Remember that post a while back where I asked whether Vert was the final frontier for cruisers? It looks like people are starting to cross that frontier.

The evidence?

One Ben Snowden killing it on the vert ramp on Jon Faure’s Model-C at the Old School BMX reunion.

(Special thanks to Jon for forwarding the pic)




2 responses

21 04 2010
Jon Faure

I was tired from riding so much and was taking a break helping my son with his 3’s and backflips in the foam pit. Ben came up and asked me if he could try out my bike. I said, sure! Didn’t even watch him ride it because I was preoccupied. Dave Smith later on emailed me this photo and I was blow away! I thought, so that’s what I look like when I ride this thing… LOL!!!

22 04 2010

Haha, I mentioned to him that it would probably feel rad on the vert ramp seeing as you seem to naturally gain a few feet with standard airs in a mini. I also was too preoccupied and missed him riding vert with it too. Sick pic.

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