At the trails, every day is earth day

23 04 2010

*Warning- Borderline hippy post*

I hit the trails after work today and had a good session with a couple of MTBers that were there. Between runs we were chatting and it struck me that despite all the media hype about caring for the planet, the green movement, etc. I  couldn’t have been more aware of and in tune with nature then I was right then.

We were talking about which trees were leaning more than usual,  which ones had fallen and how it felt good to be back out in the dirt after a long winter. We took a few more runs. Afterward we could hear someone aways off ripping through the trails on one of those obnoxiously loud motorized mini-bikes. One of the MTBers started yelling at him to get off the trails because he was wrecking them.

Looking around you could see why it bothered him so much…all around groomed jumps, pump lines…hours of collective sweat and effort…and this guy is chewing up trails that so many people rode and put in so much time to maintain.

In a roundabout way, what I’m trying to say is a day at the trails is perfect way to get in touch with what I think was the original intent of Earth Day. You can’t ride trails and not be aware of the environment.

Whether it’s keeping the place clear of garbage and debris, working together to fix a section, trimming  tree branches or just yelling at guy for not being respectful of the trails…it’s all about showing love for the dirt (earth) and all it gives to us.

My friend Glen has been riding and building trails for as long as I’ve known him (which is a very long time). Nice tuck at the Glenridge trails in St. Catharines, Ontario.




7 responses

23 04 2010

i wish we had trails like that around here. The sand that we have out here in vegas makes for a shitty jump. i have found a couple nice jumps out here but no trails.

23 04 2010
gustav brazil

yeh brow! trails life = green life = smooking green 🙂

24 04 2010

Ha HA BraziL . YoU KnoW iT!!!

26 04 2010
Jon Faure

I think I sometimes spend more time building jumps than I do riding. I’m not much of a artist but when I build something really nice, I consider it a work of art.

29 04 2010

yeh that’s true, an art made of clay!

13 07 2010

clay is where it’s at! this stuff is remarkable to work with. if you want to see more photos search for glenridge trails on facebook.

22 04 2015
Curbed, dog | cruiser revolution

[…] may seem odd to write about cement curbs on Earth Day (of all days) but in some way it is oddly […]

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