CycleCraft is back

30 07 2009

If you’ve been around BMX for a while, you know the CycleCraft name. Having faded from the scene for a number of years, it seemed to be one of those “whatever happened to…” companies from back in the day.  However, all that has changed,  with a recent change in ownership that seems  intent on restoring some of the former glory back to CycleCraft.  A recent thread on VintageBMX provides some details on how the new owners are trying to preserve the distinctive look of the bikes while updating them with modern geometry.

Cyclecraft Cruiser_Spy_photo_1

While the picture above (of the new 24″ prototype) isn’t the greatest, it clearly shows the new owners are on the right track with the new and improved CycleCraft. Now if they could just lure back Brian Foster (he used to ride for them)…well, then I think we’d have something magical.




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