Old cruiser stereotypes no longer apply

10 06 2010

For many in the BMX world, the stereotypical image of the cruiser rider as a squirrelly, middle-aged cruiser racer persists.

Another stereotype:

Nobody under 30 rides a cruiser (unless it’s for racing).

And finally:

“Big” tricks are only done on 20″ bikes.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that this kind of “traditional wisdom” is rapidly falling by the wayside.

Not convinced?

Check out this web clip from Ollie Sandles.

Granted, it’s mostly 20 inch riders but look closely at the lone cruiser rider (who I think is Peter Beer).  In addition to a nice turndown at the beginning, check out from about 1:54 on….flairs, tailwhips, vert airs.

This (relatively) young guy is tearing things up…including all those old stereotypes about cruiser riders.

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