Haro Freestyler 40th anniversary ride out

4 05 2022

If you’re in California in early July, this might be the event to check out!

John Buultjens is organizing a ride out with none other than the OG freestyler himself, Bob Haro!

It’s all being done in support, and celebration of, the 40th anniversary of the Haro Freestyler.

They’ll be giving away a 26″ Haro Freestyler after the ride, along with a bunch of other prizes (plenty of Haro swag, I would imagine). The Lost Abbey brewery is also aboard for the post-ride beverages and East Coast Pizza will be providing the post-ride carb replenishment.

Sounds like a good time if you can make it!


Tested: The Park Pizza Tool

10 01 2012

Park Tool products have a strong reputation for quality.

When you’re using a tool from Park you know you can rely on it.

I like using them because it appeals to the bike geek in me to be using the same tools that bike mechanics use.

That’s why I was so stoked to get the Park Tool PZT-2…their Pizza Tool!…for Christmas from my good friend Lynn.

Featuring a large diameter stainless steel cutting wheel and a large handle for easy grip, this thing cuts through pizza like nobody’s business!

I tried it recently on a Delissio Hawaiian Pizza and it worked like a charm. If you’re into bikes and you like pizza, I highly recommend the Park Pizza Tool.