Gundars Osis has a need for speed

27 05 2014

Gundars Osis is back with another race edit.

(Check out Gundars Osis takes a hot lap and BMX vs. MX: an epic battle for more.)

This video, filmed by Heikki Ovaska, features Gundars Osis hitting a fast time-trial lap of 37.42 seconds at Pyöräkrossiparkki, Helsinki.

That’s pretty speedy.



BMX vs. MX: an epic battle

22 10 2013

Back in 2012, Gundars Osis dropped one of the better race videos in recent memory. (See Gundars Osis takes a hot lap.)

Tightly edited and filmed at a fairly technical track by Kaspars Garda, it just made you want to grab the bike and take a few hot laps yourself.

Well, the two guys have teamed up again to put out another great video.

This time, Gundars Osis (riding his BMX cruiser) pits himself against Matiss Karro (riding a motocross bike) on a BMX track.

Will Gundars be able to hold his own vs. the MX rider?

Check out the video to find out.