A little 24″ flatland for you

17 05 2011

If you haven’t been on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page in a couple of days, you may have missed this cool flatland video collaboration posted by Joe Cicman and Danny Sirkin.

Eagle-eyed readers may remember Danny Sirken from a previous post, Be still my heart…flatland on a 24″ bike!  (And if you’re a BMX nerd, you’ll also know that he was featured in a BIO in the last issue of GO Magazine).

Looks like he’s still going strong, this time on a Specialized P24.

Filmer Joe Cicman is no slouch himself, just check out this video featuring his flatland skills.

Pretty stoked on this video…especially the pinky squeaks (0:43), can’t get enough of those!

Wheel in the sky keeps on turning

9 01 2009

“Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin

I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow…”


Flying is hassle enough these days and the airlines aren’t doing much to make it easier…especially when it comes to getting your bike around…United Airlines is charging $175 each way to take your bike on the plane. If you have golf clubs, skis, or any other number of cumbersome sports stuff around apparently you are welcomed aboard with open arms and a high five (well…at least no fee).

I remember back in the Go magazine days, Chris Moeller wrote something that said  if S&M ever made a flight bag he would label it S&M Camping Equipment to avoid paying a fee.  DK seems to have ran with that idea and come out with the DK Golf Bag.


DK claims the DK Golf 4130 Flight Series (great name) will hold up to a 24″ cruiser.

Over on Vintage BMX, there’s an ongoing discussion on traveling with your bike, focusing mostly on the merits of the Ogio Monster Bag.  Lots of people on the thread seem to be singing its praises. I guess the proof is in the pudding when you see pics posted like this:

agio clayborn cruiser to go

That’s a Clayborn Pro Cruiser in there, ready for takeoff.

The thread also covers other options like hockey bags and carrying the wheels separate too. Other important tips are to use the skycaps (remembering to tip well) and dressing up a bit when you travel…this last piece of advice is mentioned repeatedly, so apparently it does help.

Dude, I can’t believe I just used Journey lyrics in this blog.