Brackens & the OG “GT” team up again

30 08 2016

We should of guessed something was up last month when Gary Turner shared a picture of BMX Legend, Tommy “The Human Dragster” Brackens visiting his factory.

Tommy Brackens factory

Why was he there?

Because Tommy Brackens and Gary Turner are teaming up once more!

First, some background…

Back in the 80s, Brackens was known as “The Human Dragster” given his reputation as one of the fastest BMX racers in a straight line.

And while he rode for a number of sponsors, most people remember his winning ways in a GT uniform (back when Gary Turner was at the helm).

Tommy Brackens

Later, Brackens would go on to ride for his own bike company, Brackens Racing Products.

Now Brackens and Turner have taken Tommy’s iconic 1988 20″ race frame, tweaked the design a little and upscaled it into a 24″ and 26″ model!

Brackens cruiser yellow

Hot dog, this is gonna get the oldschoolers drooling!

Brackens cruiser yellow rear

And while it may not make you as fast as “The Human Dragster” it will definitely help make you look cooler when you try.

Check out the Gary Turner online store for the rest of the details.


(Pics: Gary Turner, BMX Action)