Happy Holidays

23 12 2014

I’m away traveling right now…but given that’s it’s almost Christmas Eve…I thought I would send out a note to wish you the very best of the season.

I hope you have the opportunity to see friends and family…rock an ugly Christmas sweater and maybe, just maybe…find some bike parts under the tree.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Cheers, and I’ll see you in the new year.

Riding Santa

Interbike odds & sods

20 09 2014

Here are all things that I came across in the show that didn’t fit nicely into a post with anything else.

Without further ado…

“Thin to win” race gear: It seems race gear is getting lighter and thinner than ever this year. One example, is these Troy Lee Designs Sprint shorts.  I have an earlier iteration of the Sprint shorts (which were already quite light) and these seem even lighter still. Fly and other manufacturers seem to have gone this route too. Curious to see if tear-resistance is compromised at all with gear getting thinner and lighter.

TLD sprint shorts

The SE Famous Stars & Straps Big Ripper Collab bike: this bike showed up in two booths: SE and a tire manufacturer’s. Looks pretty cool up close!

SE Big Ripper Stars & Straps Interbike

Tioga’s OS20 tire: (To be truthful, I missed this at the show but the eagle eyes over at BMXNews didn’t….) The BMX racing world’s attempt to produce an “almost 22” tire/wheel setup to get around the max wheel size rules of the sanctions. Tioga had a foldable 0S20 tire on display at the show with plans for a full unveil at the upcoming USBMX Grandnationals.


The Free Agent Ratio 24: It appears that Free Agent is still sticking with race geometry on this supposedly freestyle-oriented cruiser. Sure, it is full cro-mo and has those Kenda tanwall tires that look awesome…but this bike literally looks like they choose a new paint color every year and then call it a day. Would really like to see some updated geometry on this model.

2015 Free Agent Ratio 24

That’s it for this year’s Interbike coverage! Thanks for checking out this week’s posts.

Are these tan tradeshow models available?

23 05 2014

It’s been almost a year since we spotted the tan tradeshow models of Kenda’s popular Kranium and Small Block Eight tires at Interbike.

Each of these tan models showed up on a complete bicycle from one of the bigger bike companies.

The Kranium on the Free Agent Ratio.

The Small Block Eight on the We The People Atlas.

In both cases, the tan walls added that “special little something” to the bikes to make them that little bit cooler.

You would think that with more and more tanwall tires showing up as stock on new completes that they would soon find their way to the aftermarket.

No cigar my friends.

I’m not sure why Kenda is holding back on these.

Are they just giving us a little eye candy at Interbike and then leaving us high and dry when we want to pick up these tan models after the show?

Has it all been one drawn-out tease?

It sure seems that way.

Interbike booth

 Hey look, road bikes!


Interbike 2013: let the coverage begin

24 09 2013

The change in venue from the Sands to the Mandalay Bay wasn’t the only change afoot this year in regards to the annual Interbike tradeshow in Las Vegas.

This year brought out a new assortment of big wheel BMX bikes from companies that usually don’t put out a cruiser model.

First one that we’ll look at is the 26″ Fairdale Taj. Wrapped up in all its old school charm is a cro-mo bike that is meant for hopping curbs and popping wheelies. Despite being the name-sake of a big name freestyle legend, this bike is built for laid back fun and cruising the streets in style.

Fairdale Taj

Ride Magazine also has a video of Taj explaining the features of the 26″ Taj with Journey playing in the background to add a touch of class to the proceedings. Check that out on the Ride site.

Another notable is The Simpsons/Cult Duffman 24. We got the heads up about the Duffman 24 right before leaving for Interbike and it looked very nice up close. According to the Cult rep that I spoke to, these bikes are available right now…so if you’re interested, I suggest contacting your Cult dealer asap.

Cult Duffman 24

And in surprise move that I don’t think a lot of people saw coming…Felt debuted their 22″ wheel Catch 22 bike for 2014.

After looking at their 24″ Brink model and contemplating whether a redesign was in order, they opted to drop the Brink 24 from their lineup and put together a sub-$500 (US) complete 22″ bike.

Featuring a main-frame Cro-mo frame with a 22″ top tube (check out complete specs on the Felt site), it’s designed to let someone interested in trying out a 22″ bike to so without dropping the big bucks to build up a 22″ bike from another manufacturer (which tend to be more high-end offerings like the kits available from S&M).

Again, a bold move by Felt and one that adds further momentum to the growing 22″ wheel movement.

Felt 22

Coming up:

Updates on Stolen Bikes, DK Bicycles, and a whole lot more.

SE Big Ripper: not just for cruisin’

29 06 2013

A BMX bike rolling on 29″ wheels might not strike you as one suitable for shredding on….

Wheelies? Sure.

Kickouts off of curb cuts? Why not.

Shredding dirt jumps? Probably not….right?

Well, it looks like Todd Lyons might have some other ideas about that.

Big Ripper trails Todd Lyons

Check out these shots of Todd kicking out the jams at the dirt jumps aboard the SE Big Ripper. (They’ve been circulating around the internet for the past couple days and definitely caught my attention.)

Big Ripper flatty Todd LyonsWho knew that you could shred like this on the Big Ripper?

And imagine the speed you could carry on these big wheels too.



This is where things go off the chain

31 05 2013

Peter Ulbrich spent some time out at the BMX track…but he wasn’t practicing gate starts and doing sprints.

He had a different type of riding in mind.

Then to keep things interesting, he goes for it without a chain.

The “Send me an Angel” soundtrack is a nice touch too. (Thanks to Cale Avery Schindler for the heads up on these.)

Old School BMX Reunion Recap

26 04 2013

For the past 5 years, Steve Swope has been an hosting an event called the Old School BMX Reunion at Woodward West.

It’s basically a chance for old school BMX heroes and old regular BMX Joes to get together and celebrate BMX.  It went down last week and it looks like it was a super fun time.

Trent Brocker has been attending for a while now and he (along with his friend, Dennis Dowling) managed to snap a few pics from the weekend.

Check ’em out.

Trent ramp riding (pic by Dennis Dowling)

Trent Brocker Old School BMX Reunion 2013

Here’s one of flatlander James McGraw tearing things up on Trent’s Wave-C.

James McGraw on Trent Brocker's Wave-C

And another one of James McGraw.

James McGraw on Trent Brocker's 24

To get a sense of what this weekend is all about, check out DionRidesBikes to get the perspective from someone attending the event for the first time. (Let’s just say, I think Dion is going to be attending every year from now on.)

For more on the event, check out this video from DionRidesBikes.