Well, look who’s 7…

10 11 2015

This week we hit the 7-year mark for this little blog about big-wheeled bikes.

There’s been so many good memories, conversations and friendships that have come out of this website.

7 haro tech

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support over last seven years.

somewhere on the web

The time has really flown by…but I have to say, I’m really enjoying the ride.

Cheers everybody!




5 responses

11 11 2015

Thanks for all of the great info…And for getting me back into BMX after 20+ years.

17 11 2015

And thank you for reading!

14 11 2015

Congratulations cruiser revolution!
Come to Cologne/Germany some day, dude!

17 11 2015

Thank you…Hope to make it there one day!

18 11 2015

And many more.

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