Brits using drone technology to get faster

27 05 2015

Well, it looks like drones aren’t just for filming freestyle edits anymore.

Great Britain’s BMX Racing Team is using technology — usually seen in drone aircraft — to give them an edge going into the Rio Olympic Games.

According to,

The technology, first developed for unmanned aircraft, uses a camera and sensor system to monitor speed and trajectory of a rider from the moment they exit the start gate and travel across jumps through a course.

The game-changer in all this is capturing an element of a race that couldn’t be measured previously.


According to Liam Phillips (in the same article),

It measures speed across a jump which has been impossible until now.

In a sport where victory can be measured in seconds (or 100ths of a second) this could definitely make a difference in terms of training and race prep.

Kinda cool from a techie/nerdy perspective.

I wonder if other countries will “jump on” (sorry, couldn’t help it) similar techie training techniques.




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