S&M introduces 24″ Trackmark race tire

19 06 2014

This isn’t something I expected from S&M.

While their 22 inch tires have been receiving some noticeable buzz, it was a bit of a surprise to learn that S&M now offers a 24″ race tire called the Trackmark.

Available in two sizes, 24 X 1.75 and 24 x 2.1, the Trackmark is smooth, low-profile tire that looks like it would be perfectly at home on today’s groomed, hard-packed tracks.

Built with a kevlar bead and a lightweight casing, it’s clear that S&M has done their homework on this one.

Can’t wait to check these out up close.

The specs:

24 x 1.75

Inflated Width: 1.92″
Inflated Diameter: 23.62″
Max Pressure: 110 PSI
Weight: 19 oz

24 x 2.1

Inflated Width: 2.19″
Inflated Diameter: 24.37″
Max Pressure: 110 PSI
Weight: 22 oz




4 responses

21 06 2014
matt shelley

always a fan of S&M… but they missed the mark here. there are other race tires out there that are 5 to 6 ounces lighter in these sizes. while that doesn’t sound like much, for rotating weight it’s the equivalent of added pounds.

22 06 2014

I was surprised it wasn’t a bit lighter myself…otherwise I like the look of this tire…hopefully they’ll do a few refinements on the next iteration to shave off some weight

30 06 2014

Probably going to have to try a set of these out.

23 07 2014
Tony Peters

not sure this is really a race tire more like a street tire that looks like a race tire. I replaced a 1.95 with the 2.1 on my rear wheel and it feels great good traction on New England roads not bad on smooth Concrete either. Its Fat and there is less tread depth than on a Kenda Konversion

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