The kids are all right

29 08 2012

Doesn’t seem like a day goes by that there isn’t a news story talking about the state of kids today.

How they’re not active and more concerned with video games and texting than getting outside and doing something active.

While there’s a grain of truth to all this, it’s also painting a picture of today’s kids with a broad brush.

Case in point, I was cruising around the neighborhood this past weekend and stopped for a drink near a parking lot that a young kid was riding at.

I stopped to watch him ride for a minute.

He was bunnyhopping on to, and off of, a concrete median.

He just kept at it…experimenting with what he and his bike could do. Going a little further or a little higher with each approach at the median.

No one was there to push him. It was  just him and bike.

This kid had more self-motivation than some adults that I know.

And don’t you think he’s going to be messaging his friends later that day and bragging about how far or how high he could bunnyhop?

I wouldn’t doubt it in the least.

Sure, his friends might be at home playing video games but this kid on the bike is probably going to be the reason at least one or two of them picks up a bike or skateboard.

It makes me think, that despite what the media says, kids today are going to be all right after all.

Postscript: Further to the point above, check out Ryan Slusher, age 9, uncorking his  first backflip at the Battle of the Bay competition in San Francisco, CA. ..We might have the next Mat Hoffman here.




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