Is a two-speed BMX bike just too much?

28 10 2011

Pictures have surfaced recently (on BMXmania and Vintage BMX) of Barry Nobles running a 2-speed at the recent Chula Vista SX race.

Granted, this isn’t the first time 2-speeds have been tried.

Back in the 80s, the Browning 2-speed enjoyed some short-lived popularity but was quickly abandoned due to reliability issues.

I’m not sure how I feel about this development. While it’s cool in a whiz-bang, “maybe it will work this time” kinda of way, it doesn’t feel like BMX to me.

Maybe I’m becoming a curmudgeon in my old age.

But isn’t part of the attraction of this sport the simplicity of the bikes? The race community has already adapted clips, if multi-speed bikes are next, are we just a few years from spandex skinsuits and paved tracks?




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28 10 2011

their already paving the berms… uh oh.

28 10 2011

Had a browning system back in the day. When you got it dialed in… was kick ass!!!

28 10 2011

They should def. let the girl racers wear spandex.

28 10 2011


28 10 2011

saw this bike,thought it would be interesting for you:

28 10 2011


29 10 2011

deraileurs have held up for roadies and MTB riders, and let’s face it- some of those apes are pretty burly.

but seriously, if you are gonna go for the simplicity of a 2 or 3 speed, have it be internal. perhaps use a planetary system based on RPM- if the wheel (outer hub) is spinning at a certain RPM, then the gear will change.

wheel spins faster- then gear changes up. wheel spins slow or stop- gear drops down.

30 10 2011

I think for a 2-speed to work, it need to be internal….IE: No floppy chain.

31 10 2011

BMX embodies single speed, its the unwritten rule!

Whats next racer handlebars and skinny 26″ wheels on a bike with stickers reading “BMX” I don’t think so.

14 11 2011

Hi All.
Motobecane tried 2-speeds BMX in France during 1982 with the Motobecane MX25 fully equiped with Shimano DX (crankset with 2 chainrings and variable length arms, posts, pedals and more…)

See picture here:

4 07 2012

Retrovelo Otto Duo 24″ has a Schlumpf crankset, 2speed. Call it a Ponyvelo.

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