It would be a sin to miss it

14 09 2011

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Sin City (Las Vegas) checking out all the new 2012 stuff on display at Interbike. It’s going to be a busy week.  Tons of stuff to check out and people to meet. And while I’d love to say that I’ll be “reporting live”, I’ll probably just put it all together in a recap next week.

I’m also planning on hitting the the Nora Cup Awards. Drew Bezanson (who rides at Joyride, my local bike park) is up for another award so I’ll be cheering him on.

On Friday, the Vegas edition of the 4130 Subway Series goes down. It’s going be nuts. (Now I just have to borrow a bike so I can participate!)

More details next week.




10 responses

14 09 2011

gonna have my bike all cleaned up for ya eddie. see ya friday!!

14 09 2011
Max Power

Please photograph every 24″ cruiser possible!

15 09 2011

Can’t wait to read about all the different cruisers coming out!

15 09 2011

Check out what We The People has on their 2012 line up.

16 09 2011

The owner of my LBS keeps sending me pics. I am there next year.
Looks like a a ton of fun.

17 09 2011

WTP took out their 24″. replaced it with a 26″ that looks like the early 80s powerlites. wouldn’t consider one till our ride tonight. wished i had a 26″ LoL

18 09 2011

Why no 24″ cruiser this year?

19 09 2011

The 26 Champ on WTP website looks real interesting (no specs as of yet) and seems to have canti brakes?! Hopefully the “forgotten class” will rise from the ashes.

20 09 2011

I freaking love it.

19 09 2011

Great site! and good meeting you at Interbike. I appreciated you sharing your blogging experience with me, always more to learn – thanks!

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