How stacked is the 40-44 cruiser class?

12 09 2011

That headline is a bit of a rhetorical question because, from the looks of things, it’s incredibly stacked. I just finished reading Scott Burright’s post on 30plusbmx on that class at the NBL Grands and it’s no joke.

According to Scott:

40-44 cruiser at the final NBL Grands was epic. 59 riders showed up to do battle in one of the most competitive classes in the sport. The title would come down to who was able to make it through to the main event.  The class had eighths, so this would be no easy task.

Check out Scott’s writeup for all the details but suffice it to say the main was a pressure cooker for the guys who made it because it was anyone’s race to win.  The talent in the class is deep:

Words cannot describe how hard and competitive this class has become. There are seriously 25-30 guys who can make mains at any given national.

With the NBL and ABA uniting under the USABMX banner next year, it looks like the level of riding is going to get that much more competitive. Tough if you’re one of the competitors but awesome if you want to watch some closely fought races.




One response

12 09 2011
Michael Pavao

How about the same class in Ontario. We had roughly 16 pointed riders going into last weekends finals. As each year passes, more and more riders are joining the ranks, and adding some welcomed competition to Ontario. I have gone from Ontario #1 in 2007, to #6 this year, and that was hard earned! I Guess I really have some thinking to do, and might actually start training!

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