This old dog still has some new tricks

12 05 2011

If you’re into 24″ BMX bikes, you’ve heard about Jim Cielencki, the driving force behind Sunday Bikes.

But how much do you know about his background and what keeps him motivated now that he’s an older guy and has been in the industry for decades, both as a rider and a bike company guy?

Old Guys who Ride caught up with Jim and asked him those questions and a whole lot more in an interview that they just posted on their site.

I especially liked this excerpt, where they asked how he deals with the fear of being hurt. Jim takes it one step further and talks about he works on an idea in a “safer” environment before going for it in another riskier situation:

It’s not so much the fear of getting hurt, it’s just dealing with how long will it take to recover and if it’s permanent.  I’m not made of rubber any more. Usually I take baby steps towards something.  I’ll work on an idea in a safer environment usually at a skatepark or something like that.  I make it so I understand the trick and the only issue is that I am just doing it at a different spot.  So in reality there’s just this little unknown part. I won’t really just go out and wing it because I want to continue riding.

It’s a great read…well worth checking out.

I also like it because it gives me an excuse to run this rad pic of Jim C. hitting this tight vert wall ride. Bad ass!




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12 05 2011


13 05 2011

Wow. After reading that interview and seeing what the guy still does on a bike, nothing but respect for him. Also, it makes me really want a Sunday Bike, and I just bought a new-to-me DK Cygnus 24. I will be replacing the bars soon though cause those Sunday 24Umph bars look soooo nice.

15 05 2011

24umph bars will make any cruiser ride better. Have’em on all 3 of mine.

13 05 2011

I am 42 and still ride a lot (3 times a week) without getting hurt. I agree with Jim C about getting hurt and how to avoid it. I do have a model c but I mostly ride a 20″… fbm steadfast. Anyways if you change your approach I xpect to be riding well into my ate 50s!!

26 11 2020

When did they move the planter?! That spot was my favorite for years until they dropped a huge planter in front of it way way back in the 90’s when 9th only had a table and the big double in the back. (I don’t live in Austin anymore)

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