Redline joins the gold rush

31 08 2010

Looks like more bike companies are joining the “gold rush” with retro-inspired gold anodized components.

Case in point, Redline’s 2011 Proline 24 chock-a-block with gold components.

It may not get the fanfare of the Flight series, but for me, if you’re looking for a race-ready complete it’s hard to go wrong with the Proline. And now with gold components, you get a little bit more soul with your performance.




4 responses

2 09 2010

i won’t be trading in my S&M anytime soon…

but no doubt that redline ups their game every year with the proline.

the new flight must be totally sick!

2 09 2010

I was just reading a forum post the other day where a guy was saying how hard it was to find a used S&M or Standard cruiser…because no one wanted to part with them! That really speaks to how great they are…

And yes the new Flights are trick! New 2.5 piece Flights and an updated frame where they’ve managed to shave some weight without compromising strength.

14 12 2012

Is the gold & white redline proline for sale? My son races a gt, recently joined a redline bmx team & needs a redline bike & his favorite color us gold! If yes, what size is it & how $?

28 12 2012

Hi Cathy,

I love gold components too! Not sure where you will be able to track one of these down…this bike is from the 2011 line and the 2013 bikes are already in stores. You might want to check out your local track to see if someone is selling a used one. Good luck!

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