sunday bloody sunday

19 11 2008


The interweb has been ablaze lately with the  unveiling of the Sunday Model-C prototype.   Jim Cielincki seems to want to pull the BMX cruiser into the modern age…and it looks like he is on the way to doing it…with better frame geometry and the cool colorways Sunday is famous for. If the pictures he’s been posting lately are any indication I think we are in for a treat when these go in to production….I mean just check out the toothhanger above…this isn’t just a converted race cruiser…this thing is ready for some serious street riding.

Jim is solicting feedback on the design of the bike…and judging from the flurry of comments on the Sunday blog — people are not shy about voicing their opinions. Thankfully the tall folks (which full-disclosure — I’m over 6 foot) are weighing in and voting for longish TT lengths…I think people are pretty stoked to finally have the chance to get a cruiser that fits them properly….without having to go the custom built route …and have it stand up to modern riding. Check out the Sunday blog and see what all the fuss is about.