Can’t wait to get back on the road again

28 07 2012

Throwing the bikes in the car — whether it’s in the trunk, backseat or on the bike rack — and hitting the road is just one of those summertime essentials like beers and barbecues.

Getting out of Dodge and seeing what the next city, state or (if you’re really ambitious) country, has to offer is usually just the thing to shake things up, give you some fresh perspective and open the door to some good times.

Love this pic. (Cribbed from the Skyway Facebook page.)

On my agenda this weekend is racing a provincial/state race (today) and then on Sunday (I’m not making this up…) checking out the Sunday team at a bike shop demo in a nearby city. Good times all around.

Hope you’ve got some plans to check out some new places this weekend too.

Summers go by too fast these days.

Gotta make the most of these summer weekends.