Cruisers & beer: a match made in heaven?

1 06 2010

This seems like such a great idea that I’m kind of surprised that someone hadn’t come up with it sooner.

A beer for cruiser riders.

Sure, you can buy a number of craft beers with ties to mountain biking or even an S&M bikes beer koozie, but a beer just for BMX cruiser riders? Now that something that  just warms my heart.

Greg Mundy of Fireman’s Texas Cruzers teamed with Brad Farbstein at Real Ale Brewing to create Fireman’s #4 Blonde.  And as a form of cross-promotion, Greg and Fireman are offering the Brewery Bike inspired by the beer.

Will this inspire more cruiser companies to pair up with breweries?

Hard to say…but if a  “Liquid Courage  brew” comes out any time soon, I’ll be contacting Liquid Bikes for royalties.