BMX Plus! shows cruisers some love

14 07 2009

BMX Plus! seems to have the staying power of Keith Richards. When other magazines folded, BMX Plus! kept right on trucking.  Dismissed by many as not being hardcore enough, they seemed to have found the magic formula to keep puttin out a mag, month after month.

But what is that magic formula? Maybe it’s that they’re not afraid to spotlight 24″ BMX every once in a while.

Last month I picked up a copy at a local bike shop and was stoked to see a GHP 24 being tested. Then this month I noticed a MCS Magnum 24 being tested. Pretty cool considering 24″ BMX tests are so few and far between.  Can’t say that I’ve ever been a huge fan of Plus! but the last few issues have made me take notice and start looking for it on the newstand.

mcs magnum_test_aug_2009