State Bicycle Co & Taco Bell team up

20 04 2023

I had to check the calendar to see if it was 1/20 vs. 4/20….because I did not believe it at first. But it’s very real!

State Bicycle Co and Taco Bell are collaborating on a retro-inspired Klunker, a love child of the beach cruiser, mountain bike and BMX scenes.

This spicy ride is decked out with the signature purple, pink and yellow TB brand colors, along with the iconic Taco Bell logo.

The ride’s uncomplicated with a coater brake for stopping and a built-in built-in bottle opener on the seat tube for apr├Ęs-bike beverages.

Looks like a good time for sure!

Here’s what’s up spec-wise:

Perfect for a late night cruise to the Bell, with maybe a few curb cut jumps along the way.

Want to get that Taco Bell feeling and not go full Klunker?

Not to worry, the State Bicycle Co X Taco Bell collab extends to a collection of accessories, that includes a bunch of things, including this fun pair of grips.

Check it out!