Adjustable race frame: the next big thing?

18 04 2012

Gunslinger Bicycles doesn’t get the same level of hype as some of the other big race frame companies but what they lack in hype is certainly made up for in some innovative ideas in frame design.

For instance, their 3-position adjustable rear dropouts.

A quick adjustment on the dropouts and you can make a significant change to how your bike handles.

According to the Gunslinger website, each frame

feature[s] 3 position adjustable rear dropouts, that allow you to tune the frame head angle and bottom bracket height to match your riding style.

Making a change to how your bike handles takes essentially no time at all. This simple adjustment in the dropout alters both the bottom bracket height and head angle.

Want a slower head angle for more stability in the turns? No problem. Want a more responsive ride? Just raise the bottom bracket slightly.

Definitely some innovative thinking on Gunslinger’s part and something well worth checking out if you take racing seriously.

You can find out more by checking out the Gunslinger Bicycles site or (the latter has a great review on their site…and it’s where I borrowed this picture from).