WTP Atlas gets race ready for 2018

12 09 2017

This is something I didn’t see coming.

At first glance, I thought the 2018 We The People Atlas would be a slightly refined version of their 2017 model.

Boy, was I wrong.

While they may be similar in color, this WTP Atlas has taken “race-inspired” to a whole other level…especially for a company that is, by and large, a freestyle company.

For 2018, the u-brake has been replaced by a more “race-y” v-brake. The wide, knobby trail tires ditched for 1.95 Kenda Konversions.

Even the sprocket has been upsized to 33 teeth!

But that’s not all, the geometry has also been changed to reflect its new race inspiration.

We’re talking longer chain stays and a lowered bottom bracket.

Check out the full breakdown below:

  • Head Tube Angle: 74°
  • Seat Tube Angle: 72.25°
  • Top Tube Length:  21.75”
  • Chain Stay Length: 15”
  • Bottom Bracket Height: 12.25”
  • Stand Over Height: 9.5”

All that, and it clocks in at just a smidge over 26 pounds. Pretty respectable for a full cro-mo race bike.

Heck, even the graphics seem race-oriented!

I’m kinda interested in how many of these we’re gonna end up seeing out in the gate  next year.

I know I’m kinda tempted by it.




8 responses

12 09 2017
matt shelley

interesting… giving the state of racing… why do you think WTP went this direction? capture the old guy re-entry market?

27 10 2017

Actually, BMX racing has been one of the hottest segments in the entire cycling industry over the last few years. It’s seen a tremendous resurgence. I think it’s a very smart and calculated move by WTP to make the Atlas more of a race bike, since they don’t have any in their lineup. Heck, I even saw a small article on CNN about BMX racing the other day: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/20/health/gallery/fit-nation-bmx-race/index.html

18 10 2017

When exactly is it coming out ??? And where would I be able to buy one I’m from San jose .CA

22 10 2017

Hit up your local We The People dealer for those deets

20 11 2017
Troy Carter

I’m an old guy – who may enter BMX racing this winter. I have an Atlas (2015 version) and I have to admit that I’m more comfortable on it than on a 20″ race bike. And, at least one other dad who’s ridden my bike agrees and may be looking at getting one too. So, I’m glad to see the faster tires on the bike a bit of a push in that direction.

27 05 2018
Christian Saxon

Any idea if it will take a larger chaining?

29 05 2018

Not sure…but just eyeballing it, it doesn’t look like you could too much bigger. Best to check with WTP.

14 09 2018
Slick silver for WTP’s race-inspired cruiser | cruiser revolution

[…] Last year, WTP flipped the switch a bit with their 24″ Atlas: going from a trails-y 24 to a what we called a “race ready” version. […]

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