Curtis Bikes’ unconventional 24 in action

24 02 2016

Last month, we had the good fortune of checking out the unconventional custom cruiser that Curtis Bikes had built for one of their clients.

As you’ll recall, it featured a 22″ top tube, 14.9-15.3″ chain stays and 10 x 135 mm* dropouts set up to run  a Hope hub and Tech 3 disc brake.

*Spacing typically seen on MTBs

It was definitely a tricked out frame.

The blue finish was pretty slick too.

I was looking forward to seeing what it would look like all built up.

Well, as luck would have it…I popped over to the Curtis Bikes Facebook page and found a pic of the owner, Graham Stanley, putting it through its paces at the Manchester indoor track.

custom curtis cruiser in action Graham Stanley

Looking speedy!






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