Shades of GHP

5 03 2015

While poking around the hipster haven, American Outfitters, recently (don’t judge me, I was whiling away time between appointments) I spotted this little gem.

A jersey by clothing brand, Stüssy.

Stussy jerseyAnd maybe it’s because I have been around BMX so long, but my internal dialogue when I saw this was…”That sure does remind me of something…wait a minute…those classic GHP jerseys!”

Have I told you I’m a BMX nerd?

It’s not so much the colors they use (they’re totally different), it’s the typeface/graphic on the front.

Check out this jersey for comparison sake.

GHP cropSame vibe, no?

Or check out this version, which I believe is the original iteration, back when Greg Hill first launched GHP.

GHP breaking the moldWhile I can’t say whether or not Stussy was influenced by GHP’s iconic jersey (my guess is “not”), it’s still pretty cool to see a jersey with this kind of old school look.

That being said, Stussy has participated in a number of cool, retro-inspired BMX collabs over the years.

Most notably (at least to the readers of this fair website) is the Stussy & W-Base How I Roll 26-inch cruiser.

I’m intrigued to see if this is the start of even more retro-inspired BMX creations from Stussy.

I’m going to keep on the lookout.




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