Meanwhile over at the DK booth

26 09 2013

The guys at DK Bicycles have also been busy updating their cruiser offerings for 2014 and that hard work was on display in their Interbike booth.

The Cygnus got a bit of an update in the geo department…with a slightly higher bottom bracket and longer top tube (I think) to bring it more in line with today’s modern freestyle cruisers.

DK Cygnus

A new 24″ model, called The Sprinter, has also been added to the lineup as their more affordable race-ready option. (This replaces the Sentry 24.)

DK Sprinter

Finally, for 2014 the Elite Series cruiser has been made better than ever (if you recall,the 2013 DK Elite Series Cruiser did not disappoint).  The Elite Series now comes fully loaded with Box and Promax components, including special edition X2 Carbon forks with 20mm hubs.  I’m not usually a fan of carbon forks but the Elite Series they had on display (albeit the 20″ version) looked super mean.

And because only the 20″ version was on display, I’ve dug around and found a picture of said 24 for your viewing pleasure through the magic of television…I mean, the internet.

14_ELITE_CRUISER2Update: Jesse Klein (from DK) came through with the high-res image above to replace the blurry one I had here originally.

Check out their new catalog for the rest of the  details, specs, etc. on the 2014 DK lineup.




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27 09 2013
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[…] terms of race stuff, there was some race cruiser stuff on display (in addition to the DK stuff previously covered) but not nearly as much as the freestyle-oriented stuff.  For a look at the race […]

27 09 2013

Looks like that dk has a shorter chainstay as well, about time .

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