No brakes, no worries

24 08 2011

Received an email from Cullen (aka CMC) recently that simply said,

“Nice to see some smooth low-key brakeless 24″ riding”

with a link to this Daniel Ziller video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kinda makes you want to drop what you’re doing and go ride, doesn’t it?



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24 08 2011

Nice edit. Smooth. Good bike control.

Unlike the little git who slammed into me on the deck at the skate park tonight because his 14 year old self has no business removing his brakes when he can’t figure out how to fly out with out them.

Got my front brakes on this week. My brakeless days are long gone.

24 08 2011

What frame?

24 08 2011

Viewing site on the iPhone. For some reason I can’t see a link?

24 08 2011

Vimeo is kinda finicky…sometimes you have to refresh the screen for it to show.

24 08 2011

(….what frame!)

25 08 2011

Not sure…but the seat tube looks a bit like an Eastern.

24 08 2011

Looks like a Liquid to me.

25 08 2011

haha. the end was great when he threw his bike. thats just like me i throw my bike all the time.

2 09 2011
Another day, another web edit « cruiser revolution

[…] on this second Daniel Ziller web edit when I was typing up the no brakes, no worries […]

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