How tall are your handlebars?

2 05 2011

Are traditional cruiser bars over? The recent post on that question created a lot of discussion.

Maybe it’s time we took a poll to see what everybody’s running.

(This is the first time that I’ve done one of these, so let’s hope it works.)




8 responses

2 05 2011
Erik D

cool idea to have a pole……..7.5 w/ a top load. or 8-8.25 w/ a front load for me….my vote is in 🙂

3 05 2011

Yeah, the design of your stem can make an inch of height difference so that is an important factor too.

3 05 2011
Haro 124

I like my front load and 5.5 bars! I feel like I pull harder on my hops to compensate which in turn gets me higher.

3 05 2011

higher bars helped my hops by atleast a foot. i guess it just depends on how you like to ride. but if you ride a haro 124 then you have a lower bottom bracket. my WTP has a 13.75 bb and with shorter bars i feel like im going over thbe handlebars. i ride 8″ bars but am thinking of going even higher with 8.25″ wtp 4 piece bars.

4 05 2011
Haro 124

I wanna try out some bigger bars eventually but not anytime soon. My bb height is 12.3 with a 15.5 rear end. I really like my low slung frame. I can pick up some Sunday 24umph bars at a really good deal ($35). I think I’m gonna find some one with bigger bars to borrow first. Just so I can get a feel for it and see where my hops are at……

4 05 2011

i started out with the sunday 24umph bars on my free agent hellcat which has a 12″ bb and thats where i noticed that i had higher hops. so try with those and if you don’t like em you only wasted 35 bucks and then sell them on CL.

4 05 2011

I ride with Sunday Tall T’s at a whopping 8.75″.
I rude a model C (13.75bb)
I chose these because I had them on my Faction 22″. (11.8bb).
When you do the Maths the cockpits of the 2 are then the same size.
Keep remembering that the key to cockpit fit is feet (goverened by bb height) and hand (governed by Handle bar and front wheel size) position relative to one another.

3 07 2012
James Thomason

8″ Fred Zs w/a Profile front-load stem on my Quadangle cruiser. LOVE them.

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