Redline Flight Pro 24: fast out of the box

31 03 2009

I was checking out a BMX racing forum recently and someone asked the question, “What’s the best race cruiser for the money?” There were some strong opinions but the cruiser that seemed to pop up, over and over again, was the Redline Flight Pro 24.  Redline has  a long history in BMX and those years of experience show in this bike.  People seem pretty stoked on how comfortable this bike is to ride and how well it’s spec’d out. A couple of guys had them at the recent Orangeville indoor race series and it looked like they were running them bone stock…and that didn’t seem to slow them down one bit.


George Goodall‘s seemingly non-stop domination of his cruiser class on the Redline Flight Pro 24 also seems to indicate that this bike is no joke in the speed department.




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