Vintage Profile Cruiser gets a makeover

4 06 2015

I’ve been drooling over this bike ever since I laid eyes on it.

Restored and built by artist Lix North, this 82/83 Profile cruiser is powder coated in glossy, sea foam green with custom decals. The color choice was inspired by Fender’s iconic seafoam green electric guitars.

While definitely not a color that old school Profile frames were available in, it still tugs the nostalgia chord all the same — given its wide use in cars, guitars and ton of other stuff back in the day. (E.g., GM’s use of the color on the 1956 Buick.)

This unique color color choice is then combined with other awesome throwback items: a GT drop-nose seat (with custom leather cover), pitbull brake, mag wheels and tanwall tires (yes!!).

So good.

For more on Lix North and her custom BMX creations, check out her website Lix BMX.

You will not be disappointed!


A tale of love, loss and…redemption

24 06 2010

Having a bike stolen can feel like a sucker punch to the gut. Your prized possession…gone. In many cases, never to be seen again.

Since your bike is the link to doing what you love, hearing a story about someone having a bike stolen seems to prompt  a visceral response when you hear it. I know it does for me.

Just imagine how you’d feel in this situation:

It’s 4 o’clock and time to meet my buddy Matt for a Monday street session…except my bike is no longer on my rack. At first I thought it was a joke – I scour the shop to make sure it’s not hiding behind any of the shelves, stuffed in the machine shop, or behind the trailer. Nothing. I realize my bike was stolen right off my rack, 10 feet away from my desk. I was separated from my car by a bay door.

That sinking WTF feeling.

It can happen to anybody.

Even guys that work for big bike companies like Profile. Check out  Matt Coplon’s stolen bike story (where the excerpt above comes from) to find out how he handled it.

For more on Matt Coplon, check out Matt Coplon’s 24 hour session.