Get a grip: A’ME brings back the Unitron

31 10 2014

A’ME grips is bringing back one of the most iconic grips from the ’80s, the Unitron.

Word on the street is that the mold was thought to be lost but was recently found again.

I’m not sure if that part is completely true but I also don’t really care either…I’m just stoked to see that this grip is going to be available again!


A’ME is also going to put a little indicator (on the flange, I believe) to distinguish this new version from the vintage versions…which I’m sure produced a sigh of relief on the part of old school parts collectors.

The plan is to do a limited run in a variety of colors in the $30 (US) price range.

I’ve gotta see if I can get my hands on a pair of these.

AME-repop Unitron