First look: 2017 GT Performer Pro 26

21 07 2016

It may be “throwback thursday” but the 2017 GT Performer Pro 26 looks much more than just a mere throwback…it’s the classic GT Performer re-imagined as modern-day 26″ cruiser. got the sneak peek of the 2017 GT lineup earlier this week and part of that lineup is this super-sized version of the GT Performer.


Available in blue or white, it features a full cro-mo frame, fork and handlebar.

performer-24-gt-bicycles-2017-bmx-bike-whiteAnd while it has been updated with modern touches like 990-style brakes and a threadless headset there are still plenty of retro nods to keep the old schoolers happy.

Such notables include the classic Power Series cranks…


…and the iconic pierced seat tube and platform.

performer-24-gt-bicycles-2017-bmx-bike-seat-stayThe mohawk hubs are also a nice touch and add to the old school look of the bike.

performer-24-gt-bicycles-2017-bmx-bike-front-hubTop it all off with some 8os throwback graphics and you’ve got one cool looking ride.

If I was being nit-picky I would say I kinda wish they would’ve run a caliper brake on the back of the fork …Eddie Fiola-style…to round out the look.

But that’s an easy fix.

Face it, if you’re the old school type that would be interested in the Performer Pro…you’ve probably got an old Dia-Compe MX-1000 kicking around the garage anyway.

All in all, a cool “retro-inspired” bike from GT.

(All pics:




12 responses

22 07 2016
T amie

Here’s my money

24 07 2016

now that´s nostalgia! i had a gt pro performer back in the days….

24 07 2016

They could sell a lot of those cranks and hubs!

27 07 2016
Scott Junior

2 dynos in the garage and my Performer is out for powder coat, i think i need this

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1 12 2016
Ben Ward

Worth noting on this is I took some of the forward thinking geometry adjustments I did with the Model C to make this a little peppier to ride than your typical 26″ “cruiser”. It is meant to be shred. Enjoyed the post!

3 12 2016

Thanks Ben!

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31 03 2018
John Montano

Love the all black tires, what brand and model number are they?

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