La Casa rolls out 22 and 24″ wheel sets

17 02 2016

A few months back, Brink Distribution (a wholesale distributor in Canada), piqued our interest when they announced that they would be carrying both 22 and 24″ complete bikes from Encore in their product lineup.

When their Instagram feed lit up our phones in the last couple days with news that the 22″ Anthem and 24″ Coda were now in their warehouse, we got pretty excited.

Then today, we got the news that Brink would also be carrying La Casa wheels in both 22 and 24″ sizes!

La Casa 24inch wheelsThis is great news on a couple of fronts…first, it’s awesome to see another 24″ complete wheel option on the market and second, another 22″ option on the market is MAJOR!

With even fewer 22″ options on the market (vs. 24″) this development should see more people giving 22″ wheels a try…if only because they have the confidence that they can pick up aftermarket wheels if/when they need them.

In terms of specs, the wheel sets feature:

  • sealed bearings
  • double wall rims (front and back)
  •  14mm male rear axles
  •  3/8 front female axles (both front & back axles are solid chromoly).

They are sold in sets only.

Pretty stoked on this.




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