Behold…the non-race race jersey

13 05 2015

Here’s an interesting development.

Freestyle-oriented companies producing BMX racing jerseys!

Sure, back in the 90s a number of dirt jumpers (e.g., Shaun Butler) could be seen sporting race jerseys but that trend seems to have fallen away in the modern era.

shaun butler ride coverHowever, things might be trending back that way…if a couple of recent product offerings are any indication.

The first notable instance of this was the limited run of Empire BMX race jerseys. These babies sold out quickly and (from what I understand) there are plans to make more.

And now more recently, the Shadow Conspiracy Contender jersey.

A jersey “inspired by BMX racing” but with enough “street-wise styling” to not scare off the street riders.

I, for one, am digging the look of these jerseys and hope that this type of thing continues.

Yet it still makes me wonder…who’s going to be next to jump on this bandwagon?




4 responses

19 05 2015

Butler did race “A” Pro back in the day, if I remember correctly. I was just thinking of the old FBM jerseys the other day.

20 05 2015

FBM did jerseys too? Do you have a picture of one?

20 05 2015

Couldn’t find photo, but this Props 10 interview with Jeff Harrington has him wearing it.

20 05 2015

Wow…wonder how many of those were made (and who has/had one)

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