Riding in Ottawa is about to get Epic

23 01 2015

If there was ever a city in need of a good indoor bike park it would be Ottawa.  The capital of Canada, Ottawa is the  home of often brutally cold winters. Folks, it gets cold as balls in Ottawa.

Thankfully, some forward thinking folks have put a plan in place to deal with this. The Epic Indoor Bike Park is a 53,000 square foot facility that will feature pump tracks, advanced jumps, ramps and a bunch of other good stuff to keep a rider occupied.  Super-tech rider Steve Moxley is even helping out with design and hammer swinging…so you know someone is keeping an eye out for the details.

Epic Indoor Bike Park jump roomBased on all the sneak peeks popping up, this place looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

I expect to see a very long lineup of folks trying to get in when it opens on its yet-to-announced opening day in February.

Until then, check out this promo video that was released earlier this week.

(For more background on the park, check out this recent article in Mountain Life magazine.)




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