Weigh in…can a bike be too light?

18 05 2011

Racers tend to be the the most weight-conscious in the BMX world. But these days, everyone tends to have a little “weight-weenie” in them.  Have we all gone overboard?

How concerned are you about your bike’s weight?

Weigh in with your thoughts.




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18 05 2011

if you prectice on a heavy bike then you are much stronger when you get on a lighter bike. when i raced i would do practice laps on my old old diamond back then when races started i would jump on my 21 pound free agent limo. it would get my body warmed up better for the race. just thought i’d share that with everyone.

18 05 2011

I like my bike as light as possible. It really helps save my back when putting my bike into and getting it out of my car.

18 05 2011

So true!!

18 05 2011

Ride harder, longer hence therefore, makes you stronger! (for all the pillow thighs out there)….hahaha

18 05 2011

Well, I’m used to light bikes… chances are, they are simply better equipped. Most heavy bikes have cheap components. If not, the frames are just too beeffy and not my style. I say 20-25 lbs. is where I like to be.

19 05 2011

Lighter weight does not alwyas mean it is better equipped. When a company’s 8″ bar weighs the same as their 8.25″ bar that weighs the same as the 8.5″ bar that weighs the same as their 8.75″ rise bar…..that math does not add up to me, but I’m no mathmatician.
Personal preference plays a big role in this conversation. I just added 4 steel pegs (2 lbs), front brakes (1.5 lbs) and changed my tires from Intense Micro Knobby to Odyssey Path 2.1. (about 1.5 more lbs added-so about 6 lbs of rotational weight on the wheels). It now clocks in at 29lbs 4oz. The first session after the changes I rode a backyard ramp and couldn’t even tell the difference in weight.
If you are talking about racing 24″ bikes, then by all means I understand needing a light weight bike. But if you are just ‘cruisin’ the streets and skateparks, a few pounds more than likely wont make a bit of difference.

19 05 2011

This is such a great topic!! We have been talking about bike weights a lot in our office lately. I think the biggest difference you can make to your 24″ bike is weight in the wheel set. By changing the rotational weight, you drastically change how the bike handles in the air. Now when I jump my Wave C on dirt jumps with the heavier tires, the inertia just wants to send me over the jump in a very straight mannor. It is very effortless. I did, however, notice a big difference in how the bike handled in the air. From simple stuff like kick outs and table tops or even just turning your bars sideways a bit, you really notice the “muscling it in” feeling with a heavier tire. I don’t want to say that it is more difficult to do a kick out with my heavier tires, more so that it is just different. It has been a long time since my bike has given me that feeling in the air and it is actually pretty cool. It makes me want to make motorcycle noises on every jump through the line.

20 05 2011

My bike doesn’t weigh a ton. It’s about 27lbs. My friend has a 25lb bike, and my other friend has a 42lb bike. What I notice is that if I ride the 42lb bike first, then my bike seems stupid light. If I just ride my bike or my friends bike, you really can’t feel the weight difference. Of course, his is a 20″ and mine is a 24″. 🙂 Oh, and 42 pounder is a 20″ as well.

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