It’s an honor just to be nominated

21 05 2010

Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote in the recent Crank – The World Cycling Blog Rankings. I’m stoked that you took the time to nominate this little blog in the competition.

Unfortunately, Cruiser Revolution didn’t move on to the next round of voting for “top blog”  etc. but we are in the directory and that’s still pretty cool.

As you may have noticed more and more people are checking out the blog and joining in on the conversation about 24″ bikes.  This may be a small niche in the cycling world but it’s a great one and I’m stoked everyday when I see that people are stopping by and getting in on the fun.

Click here for the directory.




4 responses

21 05 2010
Loving the Bike

On behalf of Crank and Loving the Bike I want to let you know that your fans really showed the love for your site. You received a bunch of nominations, but unfortunately the Lifestyle category had the most competition.

Your blog is really great and as we mentioned in our post today, all cycling bloggers deserve to honored.

Keep up the great writing.


22 05 2010

Hmmm, that crank logo is very phallic… no? LOL

22 05 2010

Phallic recognition requires a certain state of mind.

22 05 2010


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