Cast a vote for the revolution

16 05 2010

I guess it’s time to get out there, shake hands and kiss babies.

No, I’m not running for office….but…

Crank – The World Cycling Blog Rankings are asking for nominations for the top cycling blog in a number of different categories. While there’s not really a category for BMX, I think a case could be made for fitting into the “Lifestyle” category.

Whatta ya say?

It only takes a few seconds.

Support the revolution.  Make your nomination here.




11 responses

17 05 2010

My vote has been cast!

17 05 2010
Jon Faure


17 05 2010

I have voted. Let us know the results.

17 05 2010
Loving the Bike

Good luck with cranking out enough nominations to get in for the voting round. The response to Crank has been awesome and it’s helped us locate blogs like yours that weren’t on our radar before. The top 5 nominees in each category will move onto the voting round starting this Friday. Hope to see you in there.


17 05 2010

That makes five as I am assuming you voted yourself. (Clinton used to do it twice.)

17 05 2010

Thanks guys!

17 05 2010

no hanging chads

17 05 2010
Jason G

vote is in!

18 05 2010


18 05 2010
jane vandermolen

Hey hope my vote helps. Let me know how it turns up

21 05 2010
It’s an honor just to be nominated « cruiser revolution

[…] just to be nominated 21 05 2010 Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote in the recent Crank – The World Cycling Blog Rankings. I’m stoked that you took the time to nominate this little blog in the […]

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