22 & 24″ S&M ATF frames on the way

3 05 2013

S&M Bikes have been dropping hints recently about their latest prototypes: 22 and 24 inch versions of the popular ATF frame.

New S&M 22 and 24in ATF prototypes

There’s some talk that the 22″ version may have a slacker head angle than the current 22″ Holmes frame and a longer top tube to make it more of a trails-y style frame.

No word yet on the specs of the 24″ model but I’m very interesting to see how it compares to the 24″ Dirt Bike.

Here’s a pic of the 22″ ATF prototype all built up:

ATF 22 prototype ATF 22 built up

Looking forward to hearing more about these two frames (especially the 24)!

The Deadly Nightshades bike gang

1 05 2013

In a city with a mayor that is infamous for his anti-cycling stance, is it any wonder that some Toronto bicycle riders would start to feel like outlaws?

It’s been said that if biking were outlawed only outlaws would ride.

What’s a cyclist to do in this type of environment?

Well, a group of bike-loving Toronto girls have joined together and started a gang.

There’s nothing more outlaw than a gang, right?

But this is no ordinary gang.

Deadly Nightshades Dandyhorse shoot

This gang uses its notoriety and snazzy matching jackets to promote the group’s…uh…I mean gang’s artistic endeavors, which more often than not, have a biking-influenced flavor to them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Deadly Nightshades.