Don’t skip lunch

10 01 2011

As you get older, it sometimes seems harder to fit in riding time.

Be it work, family or other obligations finding the time to ride can be a challenge.

But not riding…well, that’s not really an option either, right?

The solution?  Opening your eyes.

Just like you could probably spot a cool riding spot — like a bank to wall or a nice ledge — something that most non-BMX folks would overlook , you have to do the same with your schedule.

Could you ride to work? Practice your manuals and catch some air off curb cuts as you head into the ol’ 9-5.

Maybe grab your bike for a late night street or flatland session.

It’s all about finding the gap here and there in your schedule. Get creative.

Bike industry guys sometimes have to work riding into their days too.

If you work at Sunday, you find the gap on the way back from your usual lunch spot.

Make it happen.

BMX Plus! sends an early Valentine

6 01 2011

Oh BMX Plus!, it’s been nearly a year already….

Back in your April 2010 issue, you ran a cover story on the “Death of the 24.” A surprising turn of events given that you showed so much love for the cruiser in months prior to that article.

I won’t deny it. It stung a little.

Since then, it’s seems you have been on a non-stop campaign to bring the love back. There was the 10-page race cruiser shootout… a nice gesture.

And mentions of 24s in the different buyer’s guides.

But it seems forced.

Now your February issue hits the stands and I find a 3-page test on the SE Floval Flyer.

Is this an early Valentine, perhaps?

If it is, I appreciate the effort, but…

They’re still something we need to do, to bury the hatchet.

Remember the freestyle cruiser shootout I suggested before?

Run that and we can put this whole thing behind us.


*Off-topic but somewhat-related news*

SE recently announced the signing of #1 Pro Cruiser champ, Barry Nobles to its team for 2011.

Got to admire the versatility of a rider that backflips the Pro Section in the Pro Cruiser main during the 09 ABA Grands (why didn’t anyone capture this on video?) and follows it up with a #1 title the following year.

24″ S&M Dirt Bike action shots

3 01 2011

Jon Faure was one of the lucky guys to get his hands on the new 24″ S&M  Dirt Bike prototype for testing.

Jon’s a rad guy so I was pretty stoked to see some action shots of him and his friend testing out the new 24″ Dirt Bike in the Old Guys feature section he writes for

Check it.

Jon Faure stylin’:

Jon Faure table:

James Visser (no warmup and going big)

For more on the S&M 24″ Dirt Bike, check out S&M Dirt Bike grows up and The dirt on the new 24″ S&M Dirt Bike.